Exploring Beacons to know about location based solutions

Beacons have already been used in diverse industries ranging from retail to hospitality and museums. Beacons are small devices that call the smartphones and say “Hey, I’m here!”. Beacons are based on the Bluetooth Low Energy signals that enable them to transmit the location. It is a wireless sensor that communicates with Bluetooth-enabled smart devices.

A typical beacon will have a silicon enclosure, ARM processor, BLE Radio, Sensors, Lithium battery and reuseable adhesive. However, it is also possible to build a custom beacon using either the Arduino Development or a Raspberry Pi.

Things to know about beacons

  • Beacons don't have any data on them.

    They just serve the purpose of being there and transmitting a signal to the smartphones.

  • They are platform independent.

    A beacon can be identified from various platforms like iPhone or Android phone.

  • Beacon based solutions are secure

    Beacon alone can’t access to any other data from other devices. A mobile app is required to set the feature to extract the location which is an opt-in feature to be used by the consumers.

  • Beacons can help you with customer insights

    Beacon along with a mobile app helps you to understand how long your customers typically spend in your store or how often they dwell beside particular products.

How does beacon based solution help the museums?

A beacon based solution can help the museum in enhancing the following features:

  • Visitor Analysis

  • Art Analysis

  • Visitor Retention

  • Smart Guidance

  • Know your audience

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